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Cannabis Crusader

November 24th, 2009


For an assignment for The Chronicle of Higher Education last week I photographed Sunil K. Aggarwal, above, who is in his final year of an M.D.-Ph.D. program at the University of Washington. They were running an article on him because of his efforts to convince the American Medical Association to help get marijuana reclassified as a drug with medical benefits.

” For more than 30 years, the federal government has classified marijuana as a highly dangerous drug with no medical uses, and for more than a decade, the American Medical Association has endorsed that classification. But this month, the association called on the government to reconsider the drug’s current status alongside heroin and LSD, and to consider its medicinal potential.” from the article by Katherine Mangan in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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3 Responses to “Cannabis Crusader”

  1. Catherine Lheureux Says:

    There was an article yesterday in the paper about an autistic kid who is doing much better thanks to marijuana cookies… It gives him appetite, and because he is hungry, it gives him a good reason to communicate. His overall health has improved, and his autistic symptoms have diminished.

  2. pm Says:

    Which paper was that?

  3. danielsheehan Says:

    Its called “The Chronicle of HE” Is it a paper or a magazine?

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