Wayne Horvitz’s Some Places are Forever Afternoon (11 Places for Richard Hugo) is the first of three events marking Horvitz’s 60th birthday and his considerable contributions to Seattle jazz culture.

In Seattle for more than 20 years, the keyboardist/composer has led and inspired a host of groundbreaking musical projects, and mentored a generation of innovators.

Horvitz is on piano with members of his Gravitas Quartet and Sweeter Than The Day groups: Ron Miles(trumpet), Peggy Lee (cello), Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon), Timothy Young (guitar), Keith Lowe (bass), Eric Eagle (drums), with Francis McCue reading the poems.




The Earshot Jazz Festival 2015 kicked things off on Friday with Thomas Marriott with McTuff at Tula’s. I am looking forward to the next six weeks of Festival coverage.

Tough, sinewy funk-rock-soul-jazz: Hammond organist Joe Doria, guitarist Dan Heck, and drummer Byron Vannoy joined trumpeter Thomas Marriott for two nights of downhome Seattle jazz.







Phill @ 100 panoramic group portrait

I was asked to photograph the birthday party for Phil who was turning 100 years old on the deck of Anthony’s in Lynwood. It was a beautiful warm sunny August Sunday and everyone especially Phil looked grand.


Last month I was at the Seattle Space Needle covering a corporate event but had to stop and make the mountains just before sunset. Seattle Center is in the foreground.

Polar Bear Plunge

January 2nd, 2015


At this time of year when the weather is around freezing, some people feel the desire to plunge into freezing waters. Jana is one of those folks who get this notion so I drove her down to Golden Gardens and documented her plunge into the frigid water of Puget Sound. Afterwards she said that “the best part is that the stupid water doesn’t even feel that cold compared to the air. and how you feel afterwards”.









My second Downbeat cover of the year was of Brian Blade and his Fellowship band. They played and Earshot jazz concert at the Seattle Art Museum and I had them in the studio for a portrait session the day before. They were wonderful to photograph and I loved hearing their music.
Brian is an exceptional musician Here are a couple of pictures from the concert.


Dave Holland Quartet PRISM

August 26th, 2014

Dave Holland and his quartet Prism

I photographed Dave Holland and his Quartet for a cover story in the February issue of Downbeat Magazine. Here are some of the pictures they ran. Dave Holland (bass), Kevin Eubanks (guitar), Craig Taborn (piano/keys) and Eric Harland (drums) –  played at Jazz Alley presenting songs from their CD Prism.


Dave Holland and his quartet Prism


Dave Holland and his quartet Prism


Dave Holland and his quartet Prism


Dave Holland and his quartet Prism

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

August 11th, 2014

Macklemore in performance with Ryan Lewis in Seattle area.

Not long ago I was assigned to cover an event where the main entertainment was the performer Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  He and his company put a great show and the audience really loved it.

here are a few of my favorites from the day.

Macklemore in performance with Ryan Lewis in Seattle area.

Macklemore in performance with Ryan Lewis in Seattle area.

Macklemore in performance with Ryan Lewis in Seattle area.

Last summer I photographed a Microsoft event for a vendor and the highlight of the day was a performance by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. They put on quite a show and everybody was very excited by it.




The 2013 Earshot Jazz Festival presented Phillip Glass in a rare solo piano concert at the KIRKLAND PERFORMANCE CENTER an I was assigned to photograph him.
A cultural and artistic giant, Glass is an iconoclast of contemporary composition. He returned to Seattle for a rare solo piano performance. Through his operas, his symphonies, his compositions for his own ensemble and his wide-ranging collaborations with artists ranging from Twyla Tharp to Allen Ginsberg, Woody Allen to David Bowie, Glass has had an extraordinary and unprecedented impact upon the musical and intellectual life of his times. His operas play throughout the world’s leading houses; he has written music for experimental theater and for Academy Award-winning motion pictures, such as The Hours and Martin Scorsese’s Kundun; while Koyaanisqatsi, his initial filmic landscape with Godfrey Reggio and the Philip Glass Ensemble, may be the most radical and influential mating of sound and vision since Fantasia.

Here is a link to the Earshot Jazz Festival website  schedule for the rest of the Festival which continues through Nov 17th.