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May 24th, 2012


  I had the pleasure of shooting an assignment for a publication of Lakeside recently.  They needed a portrait of Seattle executive Craig Stewart, president and a trustee of the Apex Foundation, a private family foundation of Jolene and Bruce McCaw with a focus on children, families and education, for an article in their upcoming issue. I always enjoy these assignments an getting the chance to meet such interesting people.

I was out at the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park over the weekend. I love the view of the Olympics across the Puget Sound in winter with lots of snow covering the tops and interesting cloud formations.

All photographs on this website are by Seattle photographer Daniel Sheehan © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Please inquire for permission before using.

Above is Seattle City Councilman Tim Burgess being interviewed by a local TV station on Yesler Way Tuesday night, outside City Councilwoman Sally Clark‘s election party at Merchant’s Cafe. Burgess was  commenting on his re- election victory and the passing with a strong margin of the Families and Education Levy which he supported. I had an excellent time yesterday on election night,  following around Seattle City councilman Tim Burgess who cruised to victory in his re-election to another 4 year term. The first results were announced around 8:15PM. They indicated he had the lead with 81% of the votes over opponent David Schraer.

Earlier in the evening, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, Tim Burgess and other Seattle officials supporting the Families and Education Levy, gathered at Elysian Fields. Since there was not a dedicated TV broadcast concerning the election results the had to  and search on their smartphones for the first word on the first results of the election being announced which was supposed to be at 8:15PM. Members of the media were assembled in the restaurant waiting to hear their reaction to the results.

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Blue Angels Over Seattle

August 4th, 2011

Well the Blue Angels are back in town so it must be the start of Seafair week. I love watching these precision US Navy jet fliers passing over our city and lakes except for when like today I did not make it across the floating bridge of US 90 on my way back from an appointment in Bellevue. Sitting in traffic when I need to be traveling is not my idea of fun. Still they are a blast to watch. Just have to remember not to ty and get across Lake Washington during the day. Traffic all over the region will be messed up from 10 AM to the start of rush hour as these guys practice their display and then performance over the weekend.

The final launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis marks the end of an era. I remember the first launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1981. I was still in graduate school at Ohio University. Shortly afterwards I got my first newspaper job at The Tampa Tribune. It was while working there that I began to be assigned to cover Space Shuttle launches. I continued to photograph launches when I moved a couple of years later to the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, Florida and then even after moving to New York at Newsday I was sent down for a few launches.

I covered the first launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger STS-7, and was scheduled to photographer it again on the day it blew up. I was pulled at the last minute, but then after watching it blow up from the newsroom my AME sent me to catch the first flight down to Florida to cover the aftermath. My old negatives are filed away and I will have to try and find them.

The picture above was made by my old friend AP photographer Dave Martin, who has probably covered as many launches as any photographer. The Boston Globes blog The Big Picture has this and 40 more pictures about this historic event. Check it out to see the rest of the pictures. I only wish I could have been down there to see the last launch.

Bellevue Jazz Festival

June 8th, 2011

Last weekend was the annual 2011 Bellevue Jazz Festival and I was once again asked to photograph the event by the producers. Here are a couple of my favorite images so far in my editing of the pictures. Above is a shot of the amazing bassist Evan Flory-Barnes with his group Threat of Beauty as part of  the 2011 Bellevue Jazz Festival last Thursday. Also in the group is Jason Holt on drums and and Jacques Willis on Vibes. Here are a few images from their performance which I throughly enjoyed.

Preeminent violinist Regina Carter put on a fascinatingly beautiful performance last Weds night as she and her band kicked off the opening performance of the 2011 Bellevue Jazz Festival at the Theatre at Meydenbauer Centre. Almost every performance I covered was a joy to hear.

Portrait of Claire

May 13th, 2011

A portrait of my daughter Claire. this is a couple of years old now but it is one of my favorites.

Special Olympics Washington

April 24th, 2011

Saturday was a beautiful day with sun all day and warm temperatures making it the warmest day of the year so far. It was also the day that the King County Regional Special Olympics Track & Field tournament was held and I was honored to be their photographer. More than 300 Special Olympians and their coaches and families turned out and had a great time. Seattle Seahawk defensive back and special teams captain Roy Lewis made an appearance to help hand out the medals. He was one of a number of local stars that came to help out. It was the first time anyone could remember that it did not rain on the Shoreline Stadium grounds on the day of the tournament. Here are some of my favorite images from the event. If you would like to see all of the photos and order prints go to Photo Bucket by clicking here.

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Seattle photographer Daniel Sheehan  does corporate events and portrait photography for national corporations and publications and is a Seattle Wedding Photographer with an artistic photojournalist style.

Sasquash, Luna and Leo

March 23rd, 2011

This was the last picture I took of our border collie Leo. He is the red and white dog in the middle and was about 7 months old at the time. Luna, his littermate to the left, is doing fine as is Sasquash, a friends dog. They were tied up on the sidewalk one fine November day as we stopped in a cafe in Bellingham for a warm drink. They were fine out in the cool fall weather. A few weeks after we were back in Seattle, Leo got out of the yard and had a fatal encounter with a car. We miss him a lot. Share on Facebook